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Company Profile

Company Overview

The Go2Guys Company is a specialist sourcing and procurement company, focusing on taking the hassle out of sourcing the mundane as well as world-wide searches to seek new and innovative products to bring to the market.

Go2Guys understands the role which it fulfills, and that is to source the product that matches the clients’ requirements both in cost and quality. Go2Guys also provides a role to present new and innovative products to their client list.

The Go2Guys are pleased to represent the following clients, ABSA, Dischem, Ola, JD Group Financial Services and Russells, Old Mutual and E Best Buy Beds to name a few, and then of course S.A.B.
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Products sourced, range from umbrellas, caps, t shirts and pens to led crystal frames and 3D posters. From wall paper and the application thereof to LED lighting solutions.

With 15 years’ experience as the marketing director for a major chain, as well as insightful agents internationally, the Go2Guys believes we can present what is relevant but also develop new concepts. It was the Go2Guys who first presented animated LED frames to S.A.B; this was developed with our partners in China and was born from the fact that Electro Luminescent signage lifespan was too short.

Again it was the Go2Guys who presented the option to have a changing edge lit frame to S.A.B, as well as putting the color change onto a timer.

Over the past few years the Go2Guys have worked through advertising agencies and done work on behalf of these agencies. It has never been the ideal situation as the client inevitably bears the cost of double mark up and as a result the Go2Guys end up losing the work. We strongly believe that our role is to work directly with the client, understand their need and deliver what is required, we do not want to deviate into the realm of design, and we see this as a separate function from procurement.

Our Team

A perfect synergy exist between owners Mike Shimmon and Vaughn Mentrup, between the two of them they have 35 years ‘experience in marketing and the courier business.

Supported by Nikki Boshoff and Ryan Shimmon on sales, this team will source or manufacture to the client specifications.

Client Base

The Go2guys have built up a credible client list in the past 3 years, S.A.B, Unilever, ABSA, Old Mutual and Dischem shop fitting to mention a few. The core of the business is an innovative Fleximag vinyl and steel impregnated vinyl, the steel vinyl adheres to the Fleximag perfectly allowing for easy change of graphics and the use of multiple layers (up to 3 layer) onto the Fleximag.


From the Sublime to the Outrageous

The Go2guys source from the sublime to the outrageous, we have just sourced and supplied 2 inflatable snow globes 4m in diameter, we can manufacture “drinks tanks” for functions but we can also supply caps and t shirts, business cards and billboards.
Our latest coup is the perfection of lenticular (3D) printing both in terms of quality and price. Printed overseas, we believe we can print and fly in to South Africa quicker and cheaper than can be printed locally.


Our LED Technology division has come into its own under the banner

Committed to saving our clients electricity and money and adding the environment we offer; LED (Light-emitting diodes) technology which consumes up to 90% less energy and has longevity of up to 50 000hrs.Eskom’s Standard Product Offer for energy efficient technologies such as this makes provision for rebates to


Our mother company!

Although an entirely different industry the Go2Guys and Starburst have their roots embedded here. A privately owned company that has been in business for well over 10 years with an absolute passion for service excellence.

The Airoad Express management team fully understands the concept of consistent personal attention and the need for this attention to be applied throughout the lifetime of each contract. They bring with them a wealth of expertise ensuring budget-aligned, practical and holistic logistics solutions that will at least match – and usually exceed – customer expectations.

Airoad Express is committed to using advanced technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall service levels to customers. To this end we make use of fully integrated track and trace systems, on-site in-house systems, performance monitoring systems such as satellite tracking in our vehicles as well as continual driver monitoring throughout each day. All Proofs of Delivery (POD’s) are imaged and stored on behalf of each customer at our head office – thus reducing the need for unnecessary document storage –and is readily available should a customer require a copy.